The Serge SDK Can Find Almost Any Brand You Shoot With Your Smartphone

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a purse and figure out where to buy it instantly? Probably not, but now you can.

Serge has built a mobile search engine that uses voice, music, vision, barcode, QR code, location, augmented reality and video recognition technology to connect users directly with brands. So, unlike a Google, you’d take a picture of a pair of Nike shoes with the Serge search, and the engine would instantly direct you to

What’s great is that Serge has partnered with companies like Nuance and GraceNote to ensure that the quality of the search itself is as accurate as possible. Their video recognition technology operates at 60fps, meaning that you can take a picture of a video on the TV or computer and get a direct connection to content the brand is trying to offer you. The same is true for bar codes, logos, and QR codes, meaning brands can get creative with the way they use Serge to campaign.

The dedicated Serge app also features a carousel, which allows users to filter their results by choosing which channels they’d like to search on (Facebook, YouTube, Bing, Twitter, Google, etc.). Developers can add both a Serge search bar with its full functionality and the carousel to their own apps, whether they be for big brands or small businesses.

To make people actually use their product, the company is offering up to $1 million in cash to the developer that best integrates the Serge SDK into a new app. Developers interested in the SDK challenge can submit both new and existing apps with Serge integration. After that, rewards will be given based on how many downloads each app gets in a given time. Rewards include $10,000 (30 days), $20,000 (60 days), $100,000 (90 days) and a $1 million for the first app to reach 20 million downloads.

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