Nokia Aims Directly At Apple And Google With “The Smartphone Beta Test” Ad Spots


It’s on like Donkey Kong. Nokia is back and ready to take on the big dogs. Several Nokia TV adverts started airing last night that don’t dance around the prime targets. Nope, Nokia’s latest ad campaign, The Smartphone Beta Test, is a clever but very direct shot at Apple and Google.

The campaign uses three videos (one above, two after below) with so-called behind the scenes footage showing a nondescript work space where three random workers are vetting issues about their upcoming smartphone. “Don’t hold it like that!” “The screen is fine. People can just stay inside.” “I just think the phone is fragile.”

Nokia’s success hinges on the success of of the Lumia 900. The phone has a good amount of buzz surrounding it. Besides the Galaxy Note, the Lumia 900 will be the largest phone launch so far of 2012 — an impressive feat considering it’s a Windows Phone. The 900 is priced very aggressively at $99. It packs a very impressive screen and great battery life into a durable and attractive casing. But best yet, Windows Phone has finally matured into a platform even hardcore smartphone addicts can finally use as a daily driver. The 900 might be my next phone.

This latest marketing stunt will hopefully just be the first of many campaigns. If Windows Phone and Nokia is to succeed, it needs a strong and direct message.