DataSift Teams Up With NewsCred For Deep Data Analysis Of Social Media And News Content

DataSift, a data analysis company that provides developers and third parties with access to Twitter, Facebook and other social data sources, is teaming up with NewsCred to allow clients to perform deep data analysis and monitoring of social media and news sources.

For background, developers, businesses, media companies and organizations can essentially use DataSift to mine the Twitter firehose of social data, as well as Facebook and other sources. But what makes DataSift special is that it can then filter this social media data for demographic information, online influence and sentiment, either positive or negative. As we’ve reported in the past, DataSift does not limit searches based on keywords and allows companies of any size to define extremely complex filters, including location, gender, sentiment, language, and even influence based on Klout score, to provide quick and very specific insight and analysis.

NewsCred licenses content from more than 750 premium media brands, like Bloomberg, Forbes, Guardian, and The Economist, and provides a news API that allows companies to access premium content from those publishers. Users can filter and customize news articles by topic, location, language, sources, and date via the startup’s proprietary semantic and natural language processing technology.

The idea behind the integration with DataSift is that companies can monitor and analyze not just social media, but also news articles about a topic, industry or product, and understand how that news spreads through the social web.

So companies developing social media monitoring applications can now use DataSift’s platform to listen for mentions about a company or product via news organizations, public Tweets, Facebook posts, blogs or a multitude of other online networks and forums.

For example, businesses can monitor for positive or negative news articles about their company, and then see the trends in public sentiment about the news on Twitter over time. Or social media monitoring companies can make sense of surges in social conversations about a brand by analyzing news surrounding a company or topic. And financial organizations can track public sentiment to news to help guide trading decisions on capital markets.

“It’s critical that companies of all kinds evolve beyond passive monitoring of news from traditional channels to getting a deep understanding for news in the social channel…Breaking news goes viral through Twitter as people share and respond to major events, creating a ‘multiplier effect’ on both positive and negative news,” said Rob Bailey, CEO, DataSift. “By partnering with NewsCred, we are able to provide our customers with more powerful tools for understanding the diffusion of news on social platforms like Twitter.”

The ability to mash up social media data with premium news content seems like an attractive combination for any company or even news publication. And we know DataSift is seeing traction and interest amongst customers. Almost a thousand companies, including 100 of the Fortune 500 companies, have already joined a waitlist for the product. DataSift says customers can access news content from NewsCred in a monthly subscription. Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.