Consumer Reports Names New iPad Top Tablet, Says Heat Isn’t “Cause For Concern”

Consumer Reports, clearly moving on from whoring pageviews over heatgate, just planted the new iPad at the top of its recommended tablet chart. Citing the great screen, 5MP camera, and fast, dependable 4G Verizon data connectivity, the iPad is the best of the bunch, says Consumer Reports. But what about the new iPad’s excessive heat? Clearly people still need to, as a Consumer Reports’ spokesman said, “exercise caution”, right? Nope.

Much like Antennagate, the issue regarding the new iPad’s heat is merely a footnote in Consumer Reports’ final word. The new iPad still earned the top spot in its respective category. The iPhone 4 went on to sell millions of units, even with Consumer Reports’ negative slant, so Apple probably wasn’t sweating through heatgate.

Heatgate, or perhaps warmgate, fizzled out rather quickly when the temperature was put into perspective with competing tablets. Other outlets also quickly debunked Consumer Reports’ strange results regarding the battery. Like most products, the new iPad has quirks, but they’re greatly outweighed by the high-points.

Still, Consumer Reports finally got it right. The new iPad is the most impressive, and by that, the best tablet to buy on the market right now. It does get a tad warmer than its predecessor — something MG noted in our initial review — but it’s an amazing and immersive slate device.