Hands-On With the Jawbone Big Jambox: 2.7 Pounds of Audio Fury, Available May 15 for $299

Bigger isn't necessarily better but in the case of Jawbone's Jambox, it might actually work out. Typically known for their Bluetooth headsets and the <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2011/12/08/ja

Online Video Content Pioneer Revision3 In Acquisition Talks With The Discovery Channel

Seven years in, <a target="_blank" href="http://revision3.com/">Revision3</a> and its stable of web stars have more than survived the tough early days of building a video content business on the web.

Thinkfuse Exits Beta: Get Your Team Out of Progress Review Hell With Simple, Searchable Status Reports

It's the problem every manager or CEO faces: how do you stay aware of what everyone is doing? Thinkfuse, <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2011/05/24/thinkfuse-unhappy-with-the-current-status-o

As It Graduates From Network To Platform, Edmodo Now Serving 7M Users, 80K Schools

<a href="http://www.edmodo.com/">Edmodo</a> is one of the startups whose name pops up a lot when you talk about "edtech." Founded in 2007, the company is almost old school, yet, in spite of the influx

The Digg Team Is Going To WaPo, But The Assets Aren’t

Has The Washington Post acquired Digg, <a href="http://thenextweb.com/insider/2012/05/01/rumor-digg-to-be-acquired-by-the-washington-post/">as reported in The Next Web</a>? Sort of. We're hearing f

Hack Your Housing: Check Out This Berkeley Freshman’s ‘Ridiculously Automated’ Dorm Room

So this is pretty fun. A <a href="http://berkeley.edu/">University of California at Berkeley</a> freshman named Derek Low uploaded <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x1GkgbVP1I&hd=1">a video

500 Characters Or Less: Shortmail Updates Its iPhone App With Offline Mode, “Let’s Chill” Feature

There aren't too many people who love email these days, but few of us can actually live without it. Thankfully, there are a number of startups that are trying to make email more manageable. One of the

Per Vices, The Rare YC Hardware Startup, Sets Out To Disrupt Wireless Communications

Y Combinator might be best known for software plays like Dropbox and Airbnb. But it's also harbored a few hardware companies, <a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/597507018/pebble-e-paper-watc

Rumor: Hulu Will Soon Require Viewers To Have A Cable Subscription [Update: It’ll Happen, But Not “Soon”]

If you love watching TV shows on <a href="http://hulu.com">Hulu</a> but don't have a cable subscription, things could get a bit more complicated in the near future. <a href="http://www.nypost.com/p/ne

UK High Court: ISPs Must Block Access To The Pirate Bay

The <a href="http://www.bpi.co.uk/">British Phonographic Industry</a> (BPI) finally got its will today. According to a ruling by Britain's High Court, UK Internet providers must now block access to Sw

Google / PayPal Sales Exec Tyler Hoffman Joins Virtual Currency Rewards Startup ifeelgoods

<a href="http://www.ifeelgoods.com/">ifeelgoods</a> has a brilliant idea -- letting you earn Facebook Credits for ecommerce purchases or following a brand on Twitter -- but now it has to convince big

Kiip Extends Developer Fund Deadline, Sweetens Pot With Services And Advisors

For game developers who thought about applying for <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/03/01/kiip-self-serve-developer-fund/">the $100,000 Build Fund from rewards network Kiip</a> but didn't get

Socialcam Nabs Angel Funding From The A-List: Yuri Milner, Tim Draper, Laurene Powell Jobs, And More

<a href="http://www.socialcam.com">Socialcam</a> is hustling to be the "Instagram for video" app of choice, battling neck-and-neck for the top spot in the iTunes app store with its main rival, <a href

Square Competitor SalesVu Ups Its Game With New Features For Restaurants, Retailers & More

<a href="http://www.salesvu.com/">SalesVu</a>, the maker of a mobile payments service designed for business customers, is launching a major update with SalesVu 2.0, <a href="http://itunes.apple.com/us

Google Improves App Advertising With New Mobile App Extension

Google is announcing some new search advertising features designed to help advertisers drive more app downloads, and to track those downloads. The first feature, an <a href="http://support.google.c

Akamai: Global Average Connection Speed Dropped 14% In Q4 2011, Down 5.3% in U.S.

According to <a href="http://akamai.com">Akamai</a>'s latest <a href="http://www.akamai.com/stateoftheinternet/">State of the Internet report</a>, the average Internet connection speed around the worl

B&N 8-K: Microsoft Paying $180M Advance On Nook For Windows 8, $125M For Content, Tech Acquisition

Microsoft <em>really</em> wants to make sure it can compete against Amazon and Apple in the e-books space -- and it's putting its money where its mouth is. In addition to the <a href="https://beta.tec

Australian Price Gouging Inquiry Targets Apple, Microsoft And Others

Getting a new laptop or buying a new license for an operating system is often cheaper in the U.S. than in most other countries. Europeans, for example, are used to paying a hefty premium for Apple pro

Marketplace For Customized Goods CustomMade Raises $4M From Google Ventures And Others

<a href="http://www.custommade.com">CustomMade </a>, an online marketplace that connects shoppers with artisans to make customized goods, has raised $4 million in funding co-led by Google Ventures and

Brit Morin Engages $1.25M From Marissa Mayer, Aileen Lee, Founders Fund And More To Launch Her First App, Weduary

Brit Morin, the Martha Stewart of tech, is today announcing a $1.25 million seed round for her technology and content company <a href="http://www.brit.co">Brit</a>. The list of investors is actually p
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