DoubleTwist’s New Alarm Clock For Android Wakes You With Your DoubleTwist Tunes

DoubleTwist, the maker of the popular suite of applications for syncing music and media between devices, has just surprised its users with the release of a new application today. And this time, the app branches out from the company’s prior focus on media management – it’s an alarm clock app for Android phones.

But on closer inspection, DoubleTwist Alarm actually does makes sense as an extension of the DoubleTwist brand, as the app is designed to wake you with music. In fact, it even connects with the company’s mobile Player app, allowing you to configure songs or entire playlists as the music you wake to.

The Android-only app has an attractive interface with big, bold numbers, and a number of expected features including the option to switch between analog and digital interfaces, support for multiple and recurring alarms, custom labels, and a built-in selection of alarm sounds to choose from. DoubleTwist users can also set up the app to work with the music they have in the Player app, if they choose.

There’s another nifty feature too: something called “SleepCycle,” which will suggest a handful of times you can wake up that correspond to full sleep cycles. By doing so, the idea is that you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed. Of course, since the app doesn’t actually know when you fall asleep, that functionality is going to be hit-or-miss in terms of results. But it’s kind of a cute thing to add.

The app costs 99 cents during its launch day special, but will double in price after the first 10,000 users. You can grab it from Google Play here.