RIMour: RIM Is Laying Off Execs As Dust Settles Post-Earnings

An errant tweet points us to the news that Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins is “clearing house” and “SVP/VP-level execs” are being fired. What does this mean? Hopefully a turnaround and, more cynically, an effort to reduce costs. Either way, RIM is changing.

As we just learned, BB shipments were down 21% last quarter, shipping a total of 11.1 million handsets. To compare, Apple sold 17.07 million handsets over a similar period and Nokia sold 93.9 million phones.

This cut could be a clear-cutting operation to help revitalize the sputtering company, a noble effort to be sure. While I’m not bullish on BB’s chances in this crowded marketplace, RIM still has a chance if it is sold or, barring that, changes its strategy drastically. I’ve been bearish on the company for most of the year but the right cuts, the right changes, and the right amount of handset and OS consolidation could keep RIM on the job.

via Engadget