Watch 1 Windows Phone Control Bing Maps On A Screen Comprised Of 28 Phones

Hacks make the world fun. This one came by way of a Microsoft hackathon hosted in France where Windows Phone dev Rudy Huyn cobbled together what’s shown above. Using 29 Windows Phones of various makes and models, he coded a little hack that allowed Bing Maps to be displayed across multiple devices. One phone did the scrolling and navigating, and then the other phones, each using their own data connection, worked together to display the map as if it was one.

Huyn notes in the comments of WPCentral that it’s not a real application, “just a challenge I did.” He also explains the lag was the result of the poor data connection. With a faster connection, he notes, there would be no problem rending the maps quicker.

As Windows Phones grow in popularity, hopefully more engineering hackers will latch onto the platform. Success follows 3rd party support. Windows Phones needs killer apps more than anything right now. Well, killer apps, stronger marketing, and better carrier support — you know, the little things.