Notey, A Super Simple Way To Share Sensitive Notes

Go here and use the password “techcrunch”. Notey is that simple. Just put your super secret message in the text input box, create a password, then share the URL and password. Done.

Adam Sewell of MyGeek Computer Services created the little app to more easily share sensitive data. With Notey, users can more easily share text documents, which are secured by symmetric key encryption. Sites like PasteBin could benefit from the simple interface and sharing method used by Notey.

But be warned, this web app is still in alpha mode and some key features like being able to edit or remove the text is missing. Notey will purge the note after 30 days, but per the site’s FAQ, that may change to a user specified time period — 30 minutes might be more than enough in some cases. I would also like to see some sort of Facebook/Gmail integration for easier sharing, but the clean interaction is nearly as equally appealing.

Notey, a super simple way to share sensitive notes — or you could just use email.