Feast Your Eyes On The First Image Of AT&T’s White Lumia 900

Longtime readers may already know that I have a peculiar fixation on white phones, and I’ll admit that my heart went a-quiver when AT&T revealed that a white Lumia 900 would be released shortly after its black and cyan brethren.

For those of who share my particular predilection, take a gander at AT&T’s latest snowy-white handset, which is scheduled to land on store shelves on April 22 with the same $99 price tag.

The Lumia series pretty damned handsome in general, but I think the white 900 oozes just a bit more style than the others. It’s a little hard to tell from the photo, but the white 900 actually sports a glossy shell rather than the matte finish used by its more more colorful friends. That means fingerprints abound, though with any luck the bright white color scheme would help keep most of them out of sight.

This isn’t the first time a photo of the white Lumia 900 has made the rounds — Nokia couldn’t quite keep its existence quiet back in February, as a photo of the device briefly appeared on the company’s Facebook account before it was unceremoniously yanked. Nokia reportedly offered the white 900 variant to AT&T to sell along with the others, but WPCentral reports that the carrier had turned it down at the time. As someone who appreciates a slew of chromatic choices, I have to thank them for that.

[via EverythingWM]