DC, Richmond, and Points South: Let’s Plan The First TC Mini-Meetup In The Virginia Area

I’ve been digging through all of the various start-up emails I’ve received, and I thought it would be fun to start traveling down the Eastern Seaboard for a bit of mini-meetup action. In essence, we’re going to hold small, casual get-togethers at a local bar in DC and Richmond and I’m open to stopping in one more location, depending on interest.

Why? Because TC is for everyone. And just like the events Mike Butcher and I organized in Europe and Asia, it’s more than worth our time to roll through your town to get the lay of the land.

What do you need to do? Your mission is three-fold:

1. If you are in DC or Richmond, email me right now at john@beta.techcrunch.com with a description of your start-up project and/or recommendations for places to meet and/or offers to sponsor the booze. Set the email subject line “DC” or “RICHMOND.” If you’d like to RSVP (DC is likely to be April 9th and Richmond the 11th), email me with the subject “RSVP [city of choice]”

2. If you are in another city NEAR there, let me know in comments. Other folks in those cities should “like” those comments in order to assess the most interest. I’m happy to stick with just DC and Richmond for now, however. Be sure to include contact info (a website at the very least) if you recommend a location.

3. Let me know what you guys are doing in your localities. If you’re not in DC or Richmond, tell me why I need to head out to Scranton or Boston or Minneapolis. I’ll plan my next set of trips accordingly.

I’m planning the events around April 9-11 and I’ll update you all when I’m ready to rock.

[Image: dmvphotos/Shutterstock]