YC Demo Day Session 2: Midnox, 42Floors, Sonalight, Your Mechanic

We’re covering Y Combinator’s Winter 2012 Demo Day at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, where 66 startups are presenting the applications they’ve built over the past three months in YC’s Silicon Valley incubator to a roomful of the tech industry’s top investors. This is Y Combinator’s biggest class yet, and the event is certainly buzzing.

All the founders are presenting over five sessions; you can find our coverage of the first one right here. Here is the second batch of YC startups who presented on the record today:

Midnox: They’ve built the Luma, an iPhone app that stabilizes the videos taken with a mobile phone in real time. The app also adds full resolution visual filters in real time, which are “non-disruptive,” meaning that they can be changed or removed after recording is over. The company has also built editing tools and sharing features for the videos taken with Luma.

42Floors: Aiming to be the Trulia for commercial real estate, 42Floors has built a slick website for companies searching for office space. 42Floors has also built a marketplace for service providers such as interior designers and furniture suppliers for when commercial tenants need to outfit their new offices. 42Floors already has 10 investors including SV Angel and Startfund.

Sonalight: Touting itself as “Siri on steroids,” Sonalight is an app aimed at letting you send text messages while driving by using just your voice. The app purportedly works even while a phone is your pocket. Already, the app has been used to send 500,000 text messages at a rate of 50,000 per week since its debut back in October. In the long term, the Sonalight team aims to bring its voice command functionality to other devices such as thermostats.

Your Mechanic: Aiming to be the “Airbnb of car repair,” Your Mechanic is a website that connects you with the best mechanics in your local community, and commission them to come to your house and fix your car. According to the company, this is on average 30 percent cheaper than the typical mechanic or car dealership. In private beta, Your Mechanic has had $90,000 in billings thus far, saving each user an average of $200 per transaction.

Josh Constine contributed reporting to this post.

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