Boutique Fitness Scheduler FITiST Joins New Incubator WellTech

If you live in a big city, you’ve probably got a lot of fitness options outside the traditional gym — everything from boot camps to cycling classes to Yoga studios. Now a startup called FITiST wants to help you navigate that world, creating plans and scheduling classes across multiple boutique fitness studios.

FITist has already launched in New York City and Los Angeles, and today it announced that it’s one of the first two startups to join WellTech, a New York-based incubator for health and wellness startups.

After you join FITiST, you can choose from a number of plans, which are essentially different class packages targeted to help accomplish different fitness goals — they’re created by an editorial board that includes experts in personal training, nutrition, anatomy, and more. If you’re looking to slim down, for example, you can sign-up for a package that includes six cycling classes, six core/Pilates, four performance, and four yoga. Some of the packages are tied to a more specific circumstance. One is called “Bride” (i.e., you want to look great for your wedding), another, “New Mom”. You can also sign-up for an all-access pass of unlimited classes, or create a completely customized program with FITiST’s help.

The company says that its early members include fitness buffs who “had kind of plateaued,” but are starting to see results again thanks to FITiST’s plans.

FITiST also has access to a curated network of studios, so you can sign up directly from the site. That means you can try out a bunch of different facilities, or can set up classes in different locations depending on your schedule. It also offers last-minute deals on classes starting at 9pm the night before.

Not surprisingly, this is going to be more expensive than your standard gym membership, but the plans I’ve seen cover a pretty broad price spectrum, from $75 to $760 a month. And yes, the company wants to expand to other cities eventually.

As for WellTech, the incubator is providing at least $50,000 in funding, as well as the usual mix of mentoring, office space, and marketing. WellTech’s founders include SpaFinder CEO Peter Ellis, and it’s financed by Ellis’ firm Jubilee Investments.

WellTech also announced that Wizpert, a startup that connects users with fitness experts in real-time, has joined the program.