Luluvise And Badoo Talk Social Discover Apps At London Web Summit [TCTV]

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Suddenly ‘social discovery’ is all the rage with apps like Highlight and Glancee being thoroughly tested during SXSW by 30,000 hot and sweaty social media gurus. But the past-masters at this for the last couple of years has been Badoo, which long ago created a location-based app and now has more users than any of the newcomers behind. Meanwhile, brand new startup Luluvise has created a (somewhat controversial, but all the same fascinating) niche social network built around so-called “girl time”. And they too now plan a mobile app. At London Web Summit I caught up with Alexandra Chong (Luluvise) and Jessica Powell (Badoo) to talk about this new wave of apps and also building a startup outside Silicon Valley from London.