Gidsy Goes Giddy When Ashton Talks Product [TCTV]

When Gidsy secured a $1.4 million seed investment earlier this year it wasn’t the clutch of high profile VCs and Angels that attracted everyone’s interest so much as the presence of Ashton Kutcher in the financing round, who seems intent on making Berlin his personal investment project after doing similar with SoundCloud and Amen among others.

If Airbnb sorts out your accommodation when you hit a city then Gidsy will find someone to help you do something there not unlike SideTour, Vayable or MyGuidie. But it’s not just limited to travel, as CEO and founder Edial Dekker explained to me this week at London Web Summit, but workshops or any activity.

And no folks, it’s not just his vast Twitter audience that Ashton is bring to the party says Dekker, who outlines in the interview below that Kutcher is actually pretty good a product and regularly flies the startups he’s invested in over the to US to shoot the breeze. Oh Ashton… you are spoiling them. Do it on Skype dude…