Fab Kills It In Commerce As Tablets Become Key For Designer Sales [TCTV]

Design shopping site Fab is turning into a case study success story which tech entrepreneurs would be unwise to ignore. Founded in February 2010 as Fabulis by CEO Jason Goldberg (formerly of XING AG in Germany, socialmedian, and Jobster) with design industry veteran and Chief Creative Officer Bradford Shellhammer, the Fab guys flew in for London Web Summit this week to outline just what is going on at the company which is making huge waves in commerce right now.

Among some of the key data the guys are pulling out includes the amazing news that some of its best customers are mobile users, especially via the iPad.

If that’s also true in Europe then looks like design-lead startups like recently launched Llustre and MyDeco in London are going to be ‘quilts in’ (badum-tish).

Fab has found that over 40% of usage has come from mobile applications, prompted perhaps by mobile notifications for flash sales. But that’s not the only news from the company, as you’ll hear from our TCTV interview below.

They also took the trouble of uploading their fascinating slides.