And Now There’s An Ad Network For HR Bloggers

To some TechCrunch readers, a blog post about human resources may sound like a bit of a snooze (well, unless “talent war” is in the headline). But for others, it’s the heart of their business, and of course there’s a big industry built around HR services and products.

That’s why there’s a community of blogs devoted to the topic, and it’s also why marketing agency The Starr Conspiracy and ad company have teamed up to create an ad network aimed specifically at HR bloggers — called, predictably, The HR Blogger Network. There are 50 sites in the network at launch, including The Women of HR, Jennifer McClure, Charlie Judy, Lance Haun, Steve Boese, and Laurie Ruettimann.

“There are over 1 million HR professionals in the United States, and traditional media reaches only about one-third of them,” Starr Conspiracy founder Bret Starr said in the press release. “These numbers will continue to decline as print media gives way to online content.”

The aforementioned HR services and products are willing to pay good money to reach those readers, especially folks with titles like chief human resource officer, HR senior vice president, and director of HR. In fact, the blog network says it’s seeing a jaw-dropping $500 CPM.

Interested bloggers and advertisers can sign up here.