The Samsung Galaxy S III Leaks Again, Is This Sammy’s iPhone 5 Fighter?

2011 was huge for Samsung. 2012 needs to be even bigger. Last year, Samsung showed the mobile world that they could produce world-class handsets and a proper ecosystem within the confines of Android. But now, in 2012, Samsung needs to demonstrate that they have staying power. And if several recent Samsung Galaxy S III leaks are believed, the Korean company should not have any problem standing tall against Apple and the rest. This phone looks hot.

The first leak (below) appeared over the weekend. A tall phone, rounded corners, a combination of hardware and capacitive buttons and impossibly thin. The image (rendering?) seemed to come from Weber Shandwick, a PR firm known to work with Samsung. The images show a phone running a TouchWiz-ified version of Ice Cream Sandwich. The images do not confirm any of the rumored hardware specs like a 1080p display or quad-core CPU, but it’s easy to look at the pics and see the casing being made out of ceramic like the rumors state.

Today’s image is more of the same. In fact it is the same besides a slightly different ICS skin. It looks like a press image. The design line up with the previous leak, somewhat confirming that this is, in fact, the Samsung Galaxy S III.

All will be confirmed in the coming months. Samsung is rumored to launch the phone in April or May while outing more versions of the phone throughout the remainder of the year including a Note and high-resolution camera version. The Galaxy S II was a blockbuster hit last year. Can lightning strike twice? I believe so.