OMGPOP’s Sale to Zynga Is One Of Y Combinator’s Biggest Exits To Date

Little known fact: OMGPOP was actually an early company backed by Paul Graham’s incubator Y Combinator.

Originally named Iminlikewithyou, it was co-founded by Charles Forman and was part of YC’s mid-2006 class. It then toiled for many years building games on its own teen-focused destination site and then on Facebook before taking its Pictionary-like game Draw Something to iOS and Android a little over a month ago.

On mobile, the game took off like wildfire, accumulating 35 million downloads and 1 billion drawings in a matter of weeks. Zynga just scooped the company up today for what we’re hearing is $180 million plus a $30 million earnout.

If that’s true, the sale is actually one of Y Combinator’s biggest exits to date just behind Heroku’s $212 million sale to Salesforce. Of course, there are many potentially bigger exits in the offing including Dropbox and Airbnb. OMGPOP had raised $16.6 million from investors including Spark Capital, Betaworks, SoftBank Capital, Baseline Ventures and Rho Capital Partners.

Here’s YC’s unofficial tally for its biggest exits. There are more but they’re smaller (please help if you know of larger ones though!):

Heroku: $212 million in cash to Salesforce in December 2010

OMGPOP (Iminlikewithyou): $210 million to Zynga today, but the price is not confirmed

Cloudkick: Reportedly $50 million to Rackspace in December 2010

Loopt: $43.4 million in cash to Green Dot

Wufoo: $35 million in cash and stock to SurveyMonkey in April 2011

Zecter: Reportedly $25 million to Motorola Mobility in December 2010

280North: $20 million to Motorola Mobility in August 2010

[Hat tip to Sincerely chief executive, Xobni co-founder and YC alum Matt Brezina for the tip.]