Sprint And HTC Announce “Collaboration Event” In NYC On April 4th

Oh you guuuuys. Rather than just call it what it is (a press conference) Sprint and HTC have just sent out invitations to what they’re calling a “collaboration event” taking place in New York City on April 4. The invitation (as always) is delightfully vague, leaving the rest of us to speculate endlessly in the days leading up to the event.

If the ever-churning rumor mill is to be believed though, this little confab could feature an official announcement of a Sprint-bound HTC One X, the handful of a device that wowed the tech press at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Those reports also claimed that the CDMA-friendly One X/Jet could launch as soon as June 10 and sport an LTE radio, which would put it alongside devices like the Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper in Sprint’s first wave of LTE handsets.

Whether or not the device will keep its peculiar name is still up in the air. It’s currently being referred to by it’s codename “Jet,” though slapping HTC’s successful EVO branding on the One X wouldn’t exactly be a shocker: not a single HTC device has hit Sprint without the EVO prefix since mid-2010 when the original EVO 4G made its auspicious debut.

As much as I like the One X (and I really like the One X) I’m hoping against hope for word of a new Windows Phone to finally give the Arrive some company — not that I’m holding my breath. Expect more details to drop in the days leading up to the event, with perhaps some device shots to leak shortly. After all, we all know how bad HTC is at keeping secrets when it comes to hardware.