Mobile Photo Factory MoPho Adds Instagram Support, Now Offers 1-Cent Prints

MoPho, the fun mobile printing app from Penguin Digital (with the ridiculous name), is rolling an update today that may include one its hottest features yet: 1 cent Instagram prints. The app, which allows you to smack your photos onto mousepads, mugs, key chains, t-shirts, and more – sort of like a mobile CafePress shop – is adding support for Instagram today. The option now joins Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa in the selection of third-party services you can pull from.

To kick off the launch of the updated app, MoPho is offering 1 cent Instagram prints – to be clear, that’s printed out photos, not customized consumer goods. However, you can choose to decorate a number of new products with your Instagram photos, too, including things like keepsake boxes, square canvases, coasters, iPhone cases, and more. You can even make yourself some temporary tattoos from the photos. (Ha. Oh, that sunset photo on my arm? Yeah, it’s a tattoo from my Instagram collection.) 

Other new product categories that have been added since MoPho’s January launch include a Tile Art with Easel, iPhone and iPad cases, various photo panels, and the above-mentioned keepsake box and canvas prints.

The super-cheap 4×4 photos are limited to the first 15,000 users (with a maximum of 10 each). Although being advertised as an Instagram promotion, it seems that you can get that price for photos from other sources, too. In addition, to get the free shipping deal, you’ll need to use the code “freeship” at checkout.

MoPho is really such a fun little app, and if you like to have the occasional printed photo laying around, there’s no reason to skip this deal. 1 cent prints and no shipping? Crazy cheap. For comparison purposes, I’m still fairly obsessed with my monthly PicPlum shipments, which now includes pay-as-you go pricing, starting at $2.50 for up to 10 photos (plus shipping). That’s not as affordable as traditional online outlets like Shutterfly, etc., but it’s easy to use – I just email the photos in. But this month, I’m going to save myself a couple of bucks and use MoPho instead.

Started in 2010, Penguin Digital is led by founder Josh Friedman and CTO Andy Minkstein (both also of PicsCliq). The company has $1 million in seed funding from N.Y. investors in a round led by Globis Capital.

The updated app is available for download from iTunes here.