When It Comes To Phones, Men Are More Price-Sensitive (According to Vuclip)

For its latest user survey, mobile video service Vuclip decided to look at why people buy the phones they do — specifically, at the differences between men and women.

And indeed, there was a real contrast between male and female respondents. When men were asked about the most important factor when choosing a phone, the most popular answer (chosen by 33 percent) was price, followed closely by features (31 percent). When women were asked the same question, the most popular answer was features (37 percent), followed by screen size (21 percent). Only 18 percent of women said that price was their biggest concern.

Beyond the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus angle, the survey also asked people when they expect to buy their next device, and 32 percent said they have no plans to replace their phone in the next month. The survey also asked what brand they expect their next device to be, and the most popular response was Nokia (!), at 37 percent. Apple came in second with 25 percent, and it also had impressive brand loyalty — of people who currently own an iPhone, 90 percent said they would stick with it for their next purchase.

The survey will be posted on the Vuclip site Tuesday morning. (I’ll update this post with a link when it is.) It was conducted over the month of February — respondents had to watch at least three videos, but other than that, the company says they were randomly selected. The survey received 560,000 responses total.

Update: Here’s the survey.