Motorola Handset With 4.6-Inch 720p Display Leaks, Possibly Droid Fighter?

Motorola has really been stepping up lately. If you would have asked me six months ago to choose between a Samsung handset and a Motorola phone, I probably would have chosen Samsung hands-down.

But as Motorola evolves its design language and nails down some of our most necessary features — solid battery, thin profile, premium feel in the hand, and badass specs — I find myself more and more infatuated with the stuff Moto’s putting out.

Take this leaked Droid Fighter, for example. If information from the PhonesHK forums is correct, Motorola is improving on its already successful Razr design language with an even bigger HD screen. While the original Razr had a 4.3-inch 540×960 display, this new (officially) unnamed beast has a massive 4.6-inch display, boasting a 720p resolution.

After reading through the info provided at MFUNZ (the original source), it seems that not much else is known of the phone — in fact, we’re only guessing that this is the rumored Droid Fighter we’ve been seeing on leaked Verizon docs and such. If it is the Fighter, those same leaked documents peg this guy for a mid-April release on Verizon.

I’d also just like to take a second and talk about screen sizes. The trend is clearly moving towards larger displays, which I think of as a good thing most of the time. The Nexus is mostly comfortable at 4.65-inches, and 4.5-inch displays are damn near perfect when it comes to a nice balance between mobile video/gaming and usability. This 4.6-inch display should be just as wonderful.

Samsung is really the one to worry about. The 5.3-inch Galaxy Note tested my patience, and I can’t imagine that a 4.8-inch Galaxy S III will be much better (even if I am totally excited to get my hands on it).

[via Engadget]