Fly Or Die: Highlight

Opinions on the new break-out social location app Highlight certainly aren’t in short supply.

Alexia thinks that friend-of-friend notifications should be customizable and that women may have trouble getting on board with the idea of constantly broadcasting their location. Eldon thinks that Highlight goes past social networking to be a potential business card swapping service, leaps ahead of a similar style app called Bump. He also thinks that the new update is quite clever. Then of course, Mr. Butcher over in the UK thinks that Highlight is a recruiter’s wet dream, while 500 Startups mentor Brenden Mulligan feels like SXSW wasn’t necessarily the best launchpad for Highlight.

But a few extra thoughts on the SXSW sweetheart can’t hurt, right?

That’s why The Daily tech writer Nicholas Deleon and I sat down in the studio to chat it out. Nick seems cynical about the app’s mainstream attractiveness, while I’m wondering whether or not we actually want or need yet another social network.

It’s a tough call to make, predicting the future of a product, and this one seemed more difficult than ever.