Meet Jean And His Brand New iPad

Meet Jean.

He’s one of a few very lucky owners of the brand new iPad. And he’s thrilled.

We caught up with him over at Apple’s 5th Ave flagship store in New York city, where he was standing in line waiting. Like a smart lad, he pre-ordered the device and went to pick it up right on launch day. And while thousands of people were shivering in a line that wrapped around the entire block, Jean was asleep in bed.

The Frenchman arrived in line around 7:15am (doors open at 8am) and was walking down the street, iPad in hand, by 8:15am. The fact that it only took Jean an hour to get a new iPad on launch day makes me think that pre-order for pick-up is one of the best things that has ever happened to the world.

Even better, Jean let us look at his new precious. This is the first time that I personally have seen the new iPad and it’s without a doubt a stunning device. The Retina display is gorgeous, to be sure. The camera is also set to be a stand-out feature. That little 5-megapixel iSight camera could make all the difference in the way people interact with their iPads.

In any case, we’re very happy for Jean and every other fanboi who’s making the most of iPad day.

Note: We’ll be bringing you guys more in-depth footage and interviews from the iPad launch day madness very soon, so please stay tuned!