Google Wallet’s Founding Engineer, Product Lead Already at Work on Next Startup, Tappmo

More people leaving Google Wallet means more founders for mobile payments startups! Jonathan Wall, a founding engineer on Google Wallet, and Marc Freed-Finnegan, its product lead, are already heads

Tim “The Freak” Lincecum Co-founds Stealth Startup 12Society, More Celebs To Come

Back in October 2010, billionaire tech investor Mark Cuban jumped into the daily deals game <a href="">with a $1.5 million seed investment

The Agony And Ecstasy Of Mike Daisey

It seems that noted firebrand Mike Daisey's story - the one about the crippled, underaged factory workers who unspooled tales of woe and torture at the hands of their evil Foxconn masters at Apple's b

Getty Images CEO On Building A Company That Lasts [TCTV]

Some people are surprised when they find out that <a href="">Getty Images</a> is just 17 years old -- its brand name has become such an institution in the image licensing an

Developers: Quick! Get “Retina-Ready” Or Risk Abandonment

I just got the new <a href="">iPad</a> in the mail, and naturally the first thing I did was load up a few of my old apps and throw some content on there. Oh god! O

TechCrunch Giveaway: A New iPad! #TechCrunch

Happy <a href="">new iPad Friday</a>! All of the new iPads are shipping already and for those of you who ord

iPad Launch Brings Back Familiar Faces, “Changes Lives”

If you're reading this right now, you already know what day it is: iPad day. We headed down to the 5th Ave. flagship store in Manhattan this morning to see just how crazy things would get, but tru

Explore 13.7 Billion Years Of Cosmic History In Your Browser With ChronoZoom

Sometimes I feel like we of the tech community tend to get bogged down in the little stuff. Hardware specs, <a href="

Flipboard Gets Retina-Ready, But Will Users Spend More Time In-App?

Good news, new iPad users: everyone's favorite iPad news magazine <a href="">Flipboard</a> (OK, my favorite, but I hear the Flipboard / <a href="">Zite</a> b

Gillmor Gang Live 03.16.12 (TCTV)

Gillmor Gang - Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. Recording has concluded.

Fab: In 2 Years, iPad Users Will Account For A Quarter Of Our Revenue

There's something interesting going on over there on <a href="">Fab</a>. The design shopping site found that some of its best customers - that is, those who convert to paying custome

Bizdom Accelerator Is Looking For Startups In Cleveland, Detroit For April 2012 Session

Here at TechCrunch, we live, eat, sleep and breathe startups. But sometimes we can get a little too focused on Silicon Valley and forget that there are startup scenes blossoming all over the country a

Facebook Bans Source Code Extraction In Proposed Governance Changes

Facebook has proposed several <a href="">changes to its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities</a> and is asking the public for feedback un

Aetna: The Company Scaring Its Competition And Delighting Startups

Whither health insurance? A former medical advisor to the Obama Administration who happens to be the brother of former Presidential Chief of Staff predicted in the New York Times that by 2020 health i

Samsung And RIM Rumored To Be Tied Up In BB10 Licensing Talks

How does that old saying go again? “Everything old is new again?” That exactly how I feel about the RIM rumors that have been making the rounds today. According to a bit of <a href="http://blo

How The JOBS Act Could Change Startup Investing Forever

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the <a href="">JOBS Act</a>, a bipartisan bill aimed at supporting small businesses by making it easier for them to

This American Life Retracts Mike Daisey’s Piece On Foxconn For “Significant Fabrications”

At over a million digital listens, "Mr. Daisey Goes To The Apple Factory" is <em>This American Life's</em> most popular episode. That's no small feat for one of the world's most well-known radio shows

Sir Richard Branson & Flipboard Investor Jerry Murdock Put Nearly $1M Into MySocialCloud

<a href="">MySocialCloud</a> is a new, and somewhat stealthy, startup that aims to organize your online life through bookmarking, stream consolidation, filtering and auto-log

Keen On… Bruce Schneier: How The Internet Allows Us To Scale Trust [TCTV]

Trust me on this one. There are few people who have given trust and reputation more thought than security expert <a href="">Bruce Schneier</a>. His latest book, <a href="http:/

How Facebook Got Its Green Back [Sustainability Infographic]

Today Facebook released an <a href="">animated infographic about its ongoing journey to sustainability</a>, explaining "2010 marked an awakening for Faceboo
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