See What’s Inside The New iPad Before You Buy One

It feels like the tech community has been obsessing over every little thing tucked away inside Apple’s latest iPad for weeks, and that won’t end until someone splays the damned thing open for all to see. Thankfully, the folks from iFixit have made it their goal to do just that (and they’re doing it with bright orange suction cups).

The teardown is in progress as I write this, so be sure to refresh every once in a while to see what the iFixit crew has managed to unearth next. Think of it as a liveblog, except, y’know, tremendously geeky. I’d caution you to exercise more than the usual amount of patience as you pore over the tab’s innards though — the iFixit servers seem to be getting slammed right now.

I’ve got to say, the story behind this teardown is pretty impressive too. Apparently, iFixit co-founder and CXO Luke Soules flew all the way to Melbourne, Australia, scored a great spot at the front of the iPad line at a Telstra store, and whisked the thing away to the operating table as soon as possible. That, folks, is called dedication.

So far, the teardown reveals that the new iPad’s stunning Retina Display is most likely supplied by Samsung, though earlier reports indicate that they’re not the only ones working on them. LG is also apparently working on the high-resolution displays, as is Sharp, though they’ve apparently had some trouble getting them out the door. Right now though, they’ve gotten up to the logic board, so a peek at that A5X shouldn’t be too far off.

In the meantime, here are a few of the juicier pics to tide you over until they manage to pull more things apart.