$900 Nokia Lumia 800 Bundle Available Now At Amazon

If you were thinking that the Lumia 800 would somehow go for less than it is at Microsoft stores — $899 with Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth speakers, Nokia Purity HD headphones and a Luna Bluetooth headset — let me just do you a favor and burst that bubble right here and now. Amazon has just joined Microsoft retail stores in offering the Windows Phone device, and unfortunately the 800 won’t be any cheaper on virtual shelves.

Worth noting that this isn’t an awful deal considering what you’re actually getting for the $900, but here in the States we’re really not used to paying more than $300-$400 for a premium phone (thanks to carrier contract subsidies). The phone will play nicely with AT&T’s network, though T-Mo subs should expect EDGE speeds.

Also, move quickly. Last I checked there were only six units left, with “more on the way.”

As a quick refresher, the Lumia 800 packs almost the same specs as big brother 900, including a 1.4GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and an 8-megapixel camera. However, unlike the 900, you’ll find a smaller 3.7-inch WVGA display and a lack of 4G LTE connectivity.

I’m kind of disappointed in Nokia and Microsoft for pricing this the way that they did. The brilliance of the partnership is the fact that both companies can afford to keep prices low and let the Windows Phone ecosystem evolve into something more permeating. A $900 price point does nothing to accomplish that.

At the same time, I find Windows Phone, especially in the form of a Nokia Lumia, to be an incredibly compelling platform that I’m excited to see grow and compete. So while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend shelling out almost $1,000 for this package (unless you absolutely want all of those accessories and require a smaller screen), I would definitely suggest looking into 4G LTE-equipped the Lumia 900.

[via IntoMobile]