Harvest Co-Founder: “Solve A Real Pain Point, And Don’t Be Afraid To Charge For It” [TCTV]

Right now the enterprise software space is growing rapidly, but so are the number of users who need it, especially freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, and developers. That said, companies who provide services like time-tracking need to evolve in order to meet the growing demands of their users.

I sat down with Danny Wen, co-founder of time-tracking service Harvest, who knows all about this.

The service, which launched as a web app, has gone on to be available on both iOS and Android, and most recently, as a Mac desktop app. Wen told us about how 7 percent of the Harvest user base has already downloaded the app on a Mac.

Wen and I also chatted out what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur without any funding. Harvest was entirely self-funded, and has seemed to weather the storm for the past six years. So if anyone should be shelling out advice, Wen’s the one to do it.