After Legal Scare, PinClout Becomes PinReach

PinClout, the analytics service for Pinterest whose name prompted a cease-and-desist letter from Klout, has renamed itself as PinReach.

Shortly after the service launched about two weeks ago, it received a letter from Klout’s attorney demanding that PinClout change its name because it was “confusingly similar.” When I spoke to co-founder Chris Fay last week, he said he would indeed be changing the name, mostly just to avoid a costly legal fight — but he and his co-founder were still settling on their actual choice.

Now Fay tells me that the name has been changed, and the website has been migrated over. (In a blog post, the team says it has been “working like rabid monkeys to ‘pin’ down a good replacement.”) PinReach seems like a good choice. It conveys a similar idea and even has the same number of letters. Meanwhile, the website tagline has been changed from “Discover your Pinterest clout” to “Pinterest Influence & Analytics”.

So there you have it. PinClout is dead. Long live PinReach.