Qwilt Debuts Network Video Delivery Platform

Qwilt, the provider of network video-infrastructure technology, is debuting its video delivery solution, which aims to give carriers control over Internet-video traffic in their networks.

For background, Qwilt helps Internet-service providers more efficiently and cost-effectively deliver high-quality video to their customers. That means more consumers can see video from sources like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu in the highest possible quality, when they want.

Qwilt’s video-technology company solves a pretty big problem related to the recent explosion of video being delivered over the Internet (through Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc.), on multiple screens. Video now represents up more than two-thirds of all online activity is and expected to grow beyond that. Streaming videos from the Netflix service alone make up 30% of Internet traffic during peak evening hours today. There is an enormous strain all this new content is putting on Internet providers.

The startup’s technology can be used by carriers to identify, monitor, store and deliver Internet video and allows carriers to create a universal video delivery layer that works transparently, without interruption or changes to content provider or network infrastructures.

Qwilt’s technology uses patented, video-content classification and analysis technology to detect video content in an operator’s Internet-traffic stream. Then, it adds optimized storage
and delivery capabilities to create a more unified appliance offering carrier-grade performance, scalability and reliability. And the startup says that its product is a plug-and-play device that can be dropped easily into existing networks without requiring any infrastructure changes.

The new product, which has been in stealth for the past two years, reportedly has seen a performance gain of at least five times over competing products. And Qwilt is announcing that the Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan is using its product.

Qwilt recently raised $24 million in funding from Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures and others.