Newvem Wants To Help AWS Customers Spend Less Money On The Cloud

Stealthy startup Newvem is debuting today with new SaaS based service for Amazon/AWS customers that aims to help businesses spend less money and gain more value from Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. Basically, the free app is built for Business Managers, IT Managers and Dev Ops to “get to know” their clouds, so they can better see what resources are being used and not used.

Cloud spending can be expensive and Newvem wants to help users pinpoint where to optimize their resource usage and budget consumption. Integrated with AWS, Newvem tracks down-to-the-minute resource usage, learns the behavior of every resource, and identifies service level variations and life-cycle events.

In the futuure, Newvem will continuously and automatically gather numerous streams of cloud operational data, analyze and learn the usage patterns, automatically detecting potential problems, pinpointing anomalies, and identifying trends in cloud deployment. Basically, the startup analyzes all of this data from a multitude of sources and recommends where you can allocate or not allocate resources to optimize spending. Nevvem calls their approach “analytics-driven cloud management.”

The simplified app launching today, in private beta, will scan a user’s AWS account, and show you idle instances. Newvem will analyze and determine whether a user’s environment is meeting expectations from a cost, availability and security perspective and detect and notify where it is not up to par. You can apply to use the app here.

Newvem was founded by Zev Laderman, who has sold two IT companies, including Aduva to Sun Microsystems and Tradeum to VerticalNet; and Ilan Naslavsky; a former Lead Engineer at Sun.