The Apple Store Is Back Up

Update: I promise it’s up. It’s just having a lot of trouble right now.

Update 2: So It looks like the Apple Store is working for some and not for others. But I have proof that it is in fact running, which you’ll find in numerous pictures at the bottom of the story.

Update 3: Alright guys. Refresh is the name of the game right now. says it’s down for everyone, even when I have it up and running in the neighboring Firefox tab. So just stick with it. Have hope — it’s iPad day.

Update 4: Click here to watch the event video.

So I’ve been pressing refresh on the Apple Store every second for the past hour. It’s really fun, by the way. I’ve seen it cough up the “We’ll be back soon” page, a 404 error page, and even a really cute “Oops!” page. Who knew Apple could be down in such varied formats?

So I’m refreshing, and I’m refreshing, and I’m refreshing yet again… And then suddenly, as though I was seeing it for the very first time, with brand new eyes, it appeared.

Yes, the Apple Store is back up and running, and I’d give it all of five minutes before the entire site crashes from the traffic. So if you’re planning on pre-ordering the new new iPad, click here right now.

The new iPad (what a stupid name, by the way) keeps the same pricing scheme as its predecessor, with Wifi-only models starting at $499. Wifi + 3G/4G models start at $629.