TCTV Live: Get Your Apple Fix With Our iPad Event Commentary

To be clear, there is no live stream of Apple’s upcoming iPad event so we’re giving you the next best thing. If you don’t want to keep your eye on our liveblog from the show floor, you can watch or listen to our news updates live from our NY studios where Jordan and I will attempt to bring all the news that’s fit to obsess over to you, dear viewer.

You can Tweet questions and comments with the hashtag #ipadcrunch and we’ll address them live.

Again, this is not a live stream from the show floor but an opportunity to listen to what’s going on without having to read what will be going on below. Think of it as a live event on tape. So slap on your headphones, fire up an Excel worksheet, and keep your eyes and ears on our charming and knowledgable faces.

In addition, we will have a follow-up live event at 4pm Pacific with Devin and Colleen in our San Francisco office.