Apple’s iCloud Now Supports Movies

At this morning’s Apple’s event in San Francisco, the company announced an update to its iCloud service, which will now support – at last – movies! The movies you purchase on iTunes will be stored in the cloud and made available for re-download to any of your iOS devices – the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

This is an extension to the iCloud features Apple currently offers, which until now had supported the re-downloads of purchased music and apps, available both in the iTunes desktop software and on the devices themselves.

And the news comes just in time to correlate with today’s other announcements, it seems: a new Apple TV interface.

The movies and TV shows sold in iTunes will now support 1080p, CEO Tim Cook announced on stage. Perfect for Apple’s TV’s new UI, which is also in full 1080p. More on that in a minute, of course.
The new Apple TV UI does indeed support higher resolution videos, as well as Photos (via Photo Stream) and iTunes playlists, also from iCloud. The updated UI is available on new Apple TV hardware starting today, and ships next week. More on that here.