Apple Announces An Updated Apple TV Complete With A Swanky 1080p UI

Meet the new Apple TV. It’s a lot like the Apple TVs of old in that it does not feature a traditional iOS interface centering around apps: it’s still all about media and content consumption.

The biggest update here comes in the form of support for higher resolution videos. The updated UI sports a 1080p interface, and movies can now be purchased from iTunes in that resolution as well.

iCloud is also a big part of the new Apple TV and works in a similar manner as other Apple devices. Photos can be accessed in a Photo Stream and iTunes playlists are available from the cloud as well. The new 1080p interface should make for gorgeous photo viewing.

The new Apple TV is available for pre-order today, and will begin to ship on March 16. Good news cheapskates: it’s still only $99.

image via Engadget.