Nokia’s PureView Imaging To Appear On Windows Phone-Powered Lumias

I doubt that you’ve forgotten about Nokia’s crazy 808 PureView phone with a 41-megapixel camera. How could you? It’s impossible to dismiss, even if the whole 41-megapixel figure is a bit misleading.

The only issue with it is that it runs on Symbian, a slowly but surely dying platform. Luckily, Nokia has confirmed that its PureView technology is headed to the Windows Phone platform as a part of the Lumia line.

Nokia’s VP of Marketing Jo Harlow confirmed the news to Finnish newspaper Aamulehti, but said that while she isn’t sure of a precise timeline, “it shouldn’t take long.”

We’d expect PureView to hit Windows Phone alongside the Apollo update, with which many cool new features will find their way onto users’ phones. Even more exciting, however, is what this means for Windows Phone. The camera continues to be a big focus among consumers, and one that leaps as far ahead as this PureView tech is sure to make waves.

Windows Phones have thus far really only had the Nokia name and the platform behind them. Spec/hardware wise, they haven’t been highly competitive yet. PureView may change that, at least in the realm of consumer awareness, and I honestly can’t wait to review one of these bad boys.

[via WPCentral]