Louis C.K. On Social Media: “I Kind Of Hate It. I Think It’s Awful.” [Video]

I don’t think Louis C.K. is headed to Austin next week. He’s not a fan of social media and openly admitted on Conan the other night that he only has a Twitter account to sell his performances. That tactic has so far worked well for him. Social media fueled his successful experiment to bypass studios and sell a stand-up special online without any DRM nonsense — a model others like Jim Gaffigan are also now using.

The video is after the jump but in short C.K. feels people are living their life through twitter. Social media has replaced real life. You know these people: something exciting could be happening and instead of enjoying the moment, they’re live twitting the event to their 32 followers. Nobody takes in life unless it comes through *this*, he says. I agree. That’s part of the reason why I’m avoiding the SXSW social media circus next week.