Samsung Tops 2 Million Galaxy Note Sales, Plans To Hit 10 Million By Year’s End

Samsung says it has sold over 2 million Galaxy Note superphones globally. Now, it’s only fair to remember that this number includes international sales, so even though the Note only became available on February 19 here in the States, it’s been on Asian shelves since October and U.K. shelves since November.

Let’s put this in perspective. Apple sold twice that many (4 million) units of the iPhone 4S in its first weekend on the market. Samsung sold 3 million units of the Galaxy S II after 55 days on the market. So, when measured against these flagship smash hits, it’s hard to call the Note a mega-success.

But that’s not to say we should dismiss it. The Note has gotten pretty poor reviews, two dies in Fly or Die, and is generally more of a niche device. It’s huge, comes with a stylus, and certainly takes the user out of their comfort zone. But people still seem to be excited about it.

The company expects to sell another 10 million by the end of 2012, according to Forbes.

Samsung has made a huge marketing push with the Note, including an over-the-top Super Bowl ad, trying to bring something a bit different into the mainstream awareness. It would seem that, at least in this goal, the company has succeeded.