Yelp IPO Wants To Raise $107.25M At A $898.1 Million Valuation

Tomorrow morning comes the moment Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman’s been waiting for seven years. According to the NYT, Yelp will drop on the NYSE under the YELP ticker tomorrow morning.

Yelp will be offering 7.15 million shares at $15 dollars a share, wanting to raise about $107.25 million in its IPO. The deal is said to be heavily over subscribed, and I’ve heard that some Yelpers were disappointed by the low price — despite the fact that the company is still not profitable and trading at a valuation of more than ten times its earnings revenues.

While Yelp generated $83.3 million in 2011, it also operated at a $16.9 million loss.

Yelp will be the fourth in a series of high profile tech IPOs, with Groupon, LinkedIn, and Zynga all debuting before it to mixed results. Industry giant Facebook is set to wreak havoc IPO in the spring.