Twitter Has (At Least) Three New VPs

It looks like Twitter has promoted three of its directors.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment for this story, but the promotions aren’t exactly a secret. Both Elad Gil (pictured) and Joel Lunenfeld have updated their LinkedIn profiles to reflect their new titles — vice president of corporate strategy and vice president of global sales strategy, respectively. Gil joined Twitter after the company acquired his location data startup Mixer Labs, while Lunenfeld’s profile says he spent nearly a decade as the CEO of marketing agency Moxie Interactive.

Meanwhile, Chloe Sladden, who was Twitter’s director of content and programming, seemed to confirm via tweet that she has been promoted to VP status as well. Her LinkedIn profile hasn’t been similarly updated, but it seems safe to assume that she’s vice president of content and programming, or something in that vein. She was previously VP of Special Programming Projects at Current.

As far as I can tell, these are new positions. From the outside, at least, it looks like Twitter is just giving more seniority and fancier titles to the company’s current leadership — a natural step as it grows.