Breaking! Windows 8 Wallpapers Leak Ahead Of Official Debut

Wallpapers! Microsoft is holding a big Windows 8 event today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where it’s expected to announce (release?) the final Windows 8 beta. Plus, as if that isn’t enough, the Windows 8 wallpapers and lockscreens are supposed to be unveiled. I know, right? Wallpapers! Lockscreens!

But alas. The wallpapers from the Consumer Preview release leaked early. Win8China got the exclusive and posted a rar file containing the seven wallpapers and six lockscreens. Most of the wallpapers are of the standard floral variety but one is a clever Metro-ish style of the Windows 7 betta fish. Interestingly enough, two of the wallpapers are clearly designed for a dual-screen layout, stating loud and clear Windows 8 will support a more robust multi-monitor support.

Microsoft is taking a refreshing approach to Windows 8 development. Unlike Apple who holds everything secret until the last moment, Microsoft engineers have extensively blogged about Windows 8, often writing thousands of words on seemingly trivial features. This approach builds upon the success Microsoft had several years ago launching Windows 7 and has certainly generated a lot of discussion about Microsoft’s next OS.

Microsoft’s festivities kick off at 9am EST. We’ll have the announcement but also an in-depth look at the latest Windows 8 release later today. But until then, enjoy these wallpapers. Wallpapers!

Here are a couple of the screens. Jump over to Win8China’s download link or R27 Blog for the download link.