Startups: Durham Wants You In Their Smoffice

Durham (a city in North Carolina) is looking to vitalize their already burgeoning startup scene by giving away the “World’s Smallest Office,” a moniker I once reserved for my attic bathroom but can now be rendered unto a bit of space in the front of a Cafe in Durham’s beautiful Downtown.

Although the office shown above appears to be more like a monkey cage than a formal workspace, the Smoffice (as it’s called) will be available to one small startup for six months. The startup will also receive living space in downtown Durham and (this is just conjecture) a supply of Scuppernong grapes, known also as North Carolina’s state fruit.

Quoth Durham:

The space is in our downtown coffee shop (rendering attached) which is a crossroads for some 70+ startups we have downtown. We think it’s a fun way to support entrepreneurs and show that they don’t need the fanciest space but rather a great environment loaded with lots of creative people. We’ll make it our job to network the winning company with VCs and angels, as well as other entrepreneurs, once they arrive.

The gyre of commerce is churning again, it seems, and Durham may be its primary locus. Or maybe not. But who doesn’t want a free condo?