Sonastand Is A Stunning Aluminum iPhone 4 Amplifier Dock You’ll Actually Want

Kickstarter is seemingly a place where people go to make iDevice accessories. Some are hits, most are not. The Sonastand is clearly the former. Apple’s Johnny Ives would probably even approve of this one.

The story goes that the Sonastand’s creators are, as one of them puts it on Reddit, two normal nerdy dudes trying to do their thing. To be honest their creation is not very novel but it’s still rad as hell. All the Sonastand does is prop up the iPhone 4 in a way that connects the dock’s passive speaker horn to the phone’s tiny speaker. But it’s not just empty claims compensated by sexy looks. The creators tested the Sonastand and found its passive horn significantly boost mid and high-end frequencies. TWiT will never sound the same.

The pair, Colin and Bob, turned to Kickstarter to fund their little project and are halfway to their goal. The two apparently purchased a CNC milling machine last year with the hope to produce items like the Sonastand (which they say is just the first of many products). They’re looking for $20,000 in funding to produce two different versions of the Sonastand. Right now they’re just over $10,000 with 51 days left on Kickstarter’s ticker.

Pledges of $39 or more will net the backer one Sonastand delivered to their door when production begins. Feeling generous? Those that pledge $200 or more will receive a pre-production special polished and engraved Sonastand in their choice of size and color.

Admittedly, these things have been around for a while now, but none are as cool as the Sonastand.