Samsung Stabs SMS In The Heart, Ports ChatON Messaging Client To The Web

Samsung is quietly killing text messages. The company’s cross-platform messaging app launched last October on the Android Market and then came to the App Store in January. But Samsung is looking to replace text messaging on more than just Android and iOS devices. It wants to kill text messages dead and just released a web version of the messaging client that should work on most feature phones and computers.

This wide-scale launch has been in the pipeline the whole time. Samsung made it very clear when it announced ChatON that it will be a cross-platform service. Now, with the web app, the crusade is seemingly complete. ChatON users can easily communicate using either their platform’s app or just a web browser. Accounts are linked, so no matter what device you’re rocking, you’ll be available. See ya later, text messages!

ChatON supports a variety of features. On feature phones, the service allows for text, images, calendar appointment and contact sharing. But on smartphones, users have a few extra options, such as the ability to comment on each other’s profiles, send multimedia messages that combine text and audio, and view their own “Interaction Rank,” which displays how active they are on the ChatOn network.

The new web-based app allows users to group chat, have 1:1 conversations, and supports attachments, emoticons and more.

Carriers are reportedly losing major revenue from services like ChatON that use a data connection rather than traditional messaging rates. Plus, while text messages are essentially locked into a 2003-ish feature set, apps like Samsung’s ChatOn and Apple’s Messages are free to roll out innovative features to users anytime. I say good riddance. Death to SMS and it’s crazy cost.