CNBC: Apple To Announce Quad-Core, 4G LTE iPad Next Week… In NYC! (Update: Nope)

CNBC just tweeted that Apple is set to announce the next iPad next week. Like previous unconfirmed reports, the next iPad will rock a quad-core CPU and 4G LTE data connectivity. But unlike every other leak, CNBC is stating that the unveiling will happen in New York City.

Apple is reportedly thinking different in the post-Steve Jobs era. The company actually held intimate briefings with media outlets regarding Mountain Lion rather than holding an overblown dog and pony show. But launching the next iPad on the East Coast is thinking completely outside the box — but not that us East Coasters are complaining.

This report is of course unconfirmed but it’s slightly strange that Apple hasn’t sent out invites for the unveiling yet. Nearly every so-called leak over the last month has placed the iPad launch event in the first week of March. That’s next week.


Update: CNBC was wrong. See here.