Brayola Wants To Help Women Find The Perfect Bra

For many women, finding the right bra is a challenge. Enter Israeli startup Brayola, a new site that aims to make it easier for women to find their next favorite bra. Brayola helps women find their perfect bra size and discover new bras that match the style she likes.

Founder Orit Hashay explains that online stores fail to consider how important bras are to women, and that finding a bra is a highly personal experience. Additionally, an ill-fitting bra can cause serious discomfort, including back pain and other problems. The result is that most online shoppers buy a bra that they already own, since they are familiar with the brand.

Brayola takes a different approach. The website helps women find bras by asking them a simple question: “What is the bra that you love to wear?” When a Brayola user first gets started with the service, she is asked to create her own personal Brayola drawer. This is a collection of bras that she already owns and loves, that fit perfectly, and match her own personal style.

Brayola then looks at the bras a user has selected, and finds other users in the system who own the same bras with the same size. Brayola employs its bra fitter technology, a smart recommendation algorithm, to suggest new bras from e-commerce sites for the user based on the preferences of similar women.

Brayola gives each user a custom set of virtual drawers filled with different styles and types of bras. Each bra is chosen especially for the user based on her Brayola bra size. Brayola aggregates bras to purchase from a number of different sites including Macy’s, Amazon, and others. You actually purchase the bras through the retailers’ sites but in the future you’ll be able to buy through Brayola.

Brayola has received seed funding from Roi Mor and Shahar Smirin.