Brad Keslowski Makes NASCAR History With First In-Vehicle Tweet & Pic During A Race

As I’m writing this the Daytona 500 is under a red flag due to a bizarre accident. Juan Pablo Montoya’s #42 car malfunctioned under a yellow caution and hit a massive race track jet dryer directly in the fuel center, causing a large fire on the track. Both the racer and the driver of the truck are fine.

So what’s a driver to do during a red flag? Well, Brad Keslowski just happened to have his iPhone on him from pre-race activities and is putting it to good use. He just tweeted a pic of track fire from inside his race car but is also fielding questions on Twitter (@keselowski) while waiting for the race to restart. Per the FOX sportscasters NASCAR race car drivers are now having holsters built for their phones for testing purposes. Apparently Keslowski still had his on him.

With all this downtime, Twitter is filling with NASCAR tweets of fans sounding off. The race leader, Dave Blaney isn’t on Twitter himself but his name is currently trending in the US just in front of Juan Pablo Montoya, the racer that inadvertently caused this mess. Jump over to

Remember, kids, don’t tweet and race. Wait until someone causes a massive fireball and then take to twitter to vent your frustration and talk to fans.

Aol’s SportingNews had more info about the incident. Everyone likes a good stock car crash.