It’s Official: HTC Unites New Android Smartphones Under “One” Brand

The rumor mill has been hard at work these past few months circulating information about HTC’s latest line of smartphones, but now HTC CEO Peter Chou has announced that the company’s new line of smartphones will indeed sport the “One” brand

Chou hasn’t yet jumped into details about specific phones yet, but expect that to come shortly.

In the mean time, he has taken to talking up some of the new features seen in HTC Sense 4.0. One series phones, for example, benefit from the inclusion of what Chou calls PhotoSense technology, which allows for extremely fast image shooting and enhanced photo quality. The video experience has also been rethought, as users can now take photos and shooting videos simultaneously.

It’s interesting to see HTC focus so intently on their cameras, although it may just be what was next on the list. HTC made headlines last year when they announced their partnership with Beats Audio to provide a produced musical experience. HTC One will apparently provide users with the best sound experience by aggregating a user’s media and media services into a Music Hub where users can customize their experience further.

Sense 4.0 also sports wireless sync, so users can wirelessly transfer their music from PC to device with a minimum of headache — after one USB sync, it’s all done over the air.