Stock Chart Site TradingView Adds European Stocks and a Watch List

TradingView, a social finance site that launched last September, has just been upgraded with some new features, including data on European stocks and U.S. stock futures.

The site was created by trading software company MultiCharts. Charts, after all, are often at the heart of stock discussions, so TradingView is a place where those charts are front-and-center. Users can create and share charts with up-to-date data, follow and comment on other charts, and also post their charts to Twitter and embed them on other websites.

Among TradingView’s new features are a watch list for tracking your most important stock prices on one screen, study templates to make it easy to add financial indicators to your chart, and color themes for adjusting the color of a chart with just one click. Asked which new features will make the biggest difference, COO Stan Bokov points to the new data and the watch list.

“New data coverage makes the site useful to a lot more people from all over the world, including Canada and Europe,” he says. “Users can now see data for markets that are relevant to them. Eventually we are hoping to extend coverage to data from all over the world.”

TradingView sees about 2,000 visitors per day, a number that has been growing steadily, Bokov says. And those visitors spend an average of 30 minutes on the site.